• Farmer’s Market Finds for Great Oral Health

  • Family Dentistry Port Lavaca dentistVisit any local farmer’s market and you’re sure to find some of the best, freshest foods for your upcoming meals.  Even better, you’re showing your support locally.  The fantastic vegetables and fruits available during these summer months are just a few wonderfully healthy options.  Our Port Lavaca dentist and staff often discuss the necessity of brushing and flossing, but did you know that the foods we eat help our oral health as well?  Take advantage of these local markets to get the great health benefits; both for your body and your smile.  Here are some of our staff summer favorites…



    Figs are a great source of manganese and potassium which are minerals that work together to aid in oral health.  Manganese works to repair soft tissues like your gums while potassium builds strong bones and teeth.  The two minerals protect your tooth enamel from premature erosion.  In addition to the health benefits of figs, they taste great too.   Add figs to a salad or serve warm with a bit of goat cheese for a mouthwatering treat.



    Orange fruits like apricots are a wonderful source for vitamin A.  Apricot packs an added punch offering your body vitamin C, K, and E, as well.  Our bodies use these vitamins to repair tissues and strengthen bones and teeth.  Apricots are perfect as a stand-alone food or served atop salads, pork, or fish.



    Cucumbers provide us with vitamin C, various B vitamins, and supply us with antioxidants.  This food also is known to reduce inflammation.   Add a few slices to your next sandwich for extra crunch and get the great benefits of what cucumbers have to offer.  Share your favorite cucumber recipe with us on our Port Lavaca dentist Facebook page.


    Summer Squash

    Squash has a lot of the same nutrients found in dark, leafy greens and vegetables.  These nutrients provide us with the tools to fight infection, protect soft tissues, and strengthen bones and teeth.  Adding squash to your diet during any season is a fantastic way to improve your oral health.


    The great thing about farmers’ markets is the selection of healthy choices that taste great while promoting good health.  Spend a few minutes surveying your choices next time you get a chance and have fun concocting tasty recipes that are good for your gums and teeth.  Proper nutrition along with regular dental exams at our Port Lavaca dentist office and brushing and flossing will keep your smile looking fantastic.