• Mouthguards: Sports Equipment for your Child’s Safety

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    In Texas, youth take to the fields all over the state every fall for football.  Even spring leagues get the competitive juices flowing.  As parents, we love watching our little ones suit up and stumble through the plays as they learn and grow.  As fun as it is, it is also important to be mindful of your child’s safety regardless of their sport of choice.  Are they wearing the right equipment?  Pads, helmets, braces, etc.  What about mouthguards?  As the dentist Port Lavaca families trust for their cosmetic dentistry and oral health, let’s take a moment to discuss how important a mouthguard can be for your child.

    Why Mouthguards are Important

    Throughout the United States, 25 million children of various ages play sports.  It is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about their wellness and health, teamwork, and of course, dedication.  These skills will last them a lifetime.  Still, if they aren’t wearing the proper safety equipment, their seasons can be cut short as they are benched to recover from their injury.  Take the time this spring to talk with our Port Lavaca dentist about utilizing a mouthguard as part of your child’s uniform.

    Sports and your Oral Health

    With balls, elbows, feet, and equipment in a frenzy during practices and games, it’s all too easy to get injured.  Mouthguards protect teeth and should be a required piece of your kid’s uniform.  A ball or elbow to the face can knock out or break a tooth, damage the tooth’s root, and even damage the structure of the jaw.  A mouthguard reduces the severity of these accidents and has even been shown to lessen the risk of a concussion.

    Contact Sports

    All contact sports such as baseball, softball, football, basketball, and lacrosse should require a mouthguard.  If your league doesn’t, take your own steps in protecting your family.  Our Port Lavaca dentist can fit your child for a mouthguard or suggest the right store-option for them.  If your child participates in other sports or activities like tennis, skateboarding, track and field, or biking, a mouthguard is still a good idea.  Mouthguards provide extra cushion in the event of a crash or for when your child clenches their teeth tight in the tension of the situation.

    If you have concerns or questions about whether or not a mouthguard is right for your child and their activities, give us a call.  Our Facebook page has up to date information on all oral health topics, as well.  Let us help you provide the best protection for your child’s smile so they can enjoy their season and not risk being laid up recovering from an accident.