• How Well Are You Brushing Your Teeth?

  • Too often, our Port Lavaca dentist sees patients who are not brushing their teeth well enough. They didn’t know that they didn’t know how to brush them well. These mistakes are all too common, but are fixed easily with a little awareness. Brushing and flossing is vital to your oral health. These are some of the most important reminders for brushing and flossing well. 

    Brush for at Least 2 Minutes 

    It’s recommended by the ADA and by our Port Lavaca dentist to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, twice daily. If this sounds like a long time to you, it’s probably a sign that you aren’t currently brushing for the recommended length of time. An electric toothbrush with a timer could be the perfect tool for you. If it’s easier, try to brush each quadrant of your mouth for at least 30 seconds. You can also play a song that’s at least two minutes long every time you brush. There are many useful apps to help the kids brush the full length of time. 

    In Small Circles

    You should be brushing your teeth gently in a circular motion. If you are currently brushing from side to side, your toothbrush isn’t able to reach the entire tooth. Brushing your teeth in gentle circles is a much more effective way to clean your gums and teeth. Be careful not to use too much pressure. 

     Replace your Toothbrush 

    Bristles on your toothbrush wear down naturally over time, and become less effective at reaching your teeth. Our Port Lavaca dentist recommends a new toothbrush every three months. Ask us during your next dental exam if we have a replacement for you! 

    Remember to Brush and Floss your Teeth

    Cavities love it when humans are lazy, so always remember to brush your teeth! Brush at least twice a day, and floss daily. A good oral health routine will help prevents cavities and decay. Brush again after sugary or acidic food and drinks. Don’t give cavities a chance! By keeping your teeth clean, you will be proactive in your oral health.  

    We would love to offer additional tips for the kids during their next appointment. Check out our Facebook page for some other oral health pointers. Anything we can do to keep you smiling keeps us happy!