• Pumpkins in Port Lavaca Can Keep You Smiling

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    Your Port Lavaca dentist team wishes you happy autumn! Now that fall equinox has passed, prepare to see an abundance of pumpkins. This is great news for your health since these superfoods are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Even the seeds are full of nutrients and could be considered their own superfood. Although many consider this member of the Cucurbitaceae family a vegetable, their seeds qualify them as a fruit of the pumpkin vine. 

    Mayans and Aztecs have enjoyed pumpkins for thousands of years, at least since 5,500 BC. In the 1500s England started using pumpkins in their savory and sweet pies. It’s commonly accepted that the early colonists shared pumpkins with the Wampanoag tribe during the first Thanksgiving. Lincoln declared this a national holiday in the 1800s. Pumpkins are so deeply ingrained in our Thanksgiving culture that one town in Connecticut postponed the holiday so that their molasses shortage wouldn’t prevent pumpkin pie production. Canned pumpkins were introduced to the market in the 1900s for convenient pumpkin dishes, and the demand has stayed relatively steady.

    Why Are Pumpkins Good For My Dental Health?

    These superfoods are made of 94% water and have a substantial amount of fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals that support your health. Dieticians often recommend pumpkin for their ability to increase insulin, improve glucose tolerance, reduce blood glucose levels, and help you manage food cravings to maintain a healthy weight. They are also a mild diuretic, helping you eliminate waste.

    Vitamin A from beta-carotene can strengthen the immune system and fight infections. Vitamin C produces collagen proteins and acts as a natural sunblock from harmful UV rays. Vitamin C and E together provide antioxidants and neutralize free radicals. Did you know that pumpkins supply more potassium than bananas? East pumpkins for bone mineral density, water balance, healthy blood pressure, digestion, and muscle contraction. Replenish your electrolytes with pumpkin if you’re especially active. Together with calcium, potassium will keep your teeth strong. Vitamins E, with iron and folate, will support a strong immune system. These nutrients provide serious dental health benefits, like preventing gingivitis and gum disease.

    Your Port Lavaca dentist encourages healthy choices like pumpkin as part of a proactive health regimen. Brushing and flossing are just as important as a nutrient-dense diet. Consider that the sugary pumpkin options like baked goods and lattes have added sugar without the nutrients of the fruit. If you opt for these, remember to brush to prevent plaque buildup and cavities. There will be many opportunities to explore the uses of pumpkin in your diet. Get creative! Roasted pumpkin is a great dish year-round. You’ll receive more of the health benefits Dr. Rhonda encourages.

    Talk to us about how to stay on top of your oral health during your next visit. Until then, our Facebook page has some great tips!