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  • Pumpkins in Port Lavaca Can Keep You Smiling

    Your Port Lavaca dentist team wishes you happy autumn! Now that fall equinox has passed, prepare to see an abundance of pumpkins. This is great news for your health since these superfoods are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Even the seeds are full of nutrients and could be [...]

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    How Well Are You Brushing Your Teeth?

    Too often, our Port Lavaca dentist sees patients who are not brushing their teeth well enough. They didn’t know that they didn’t know how to brush them well. These mistakes are all too common, but are fixed easily with a little awareness. Brushing and flossing is vital to your oral health. [...]

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    Get a Perfect Smile for your Next Job

    A perfect smile is a great way to nail your next job interview.  As the dentist Port Lavaca families trust for their cosmetic dentistry, know that we have the experience and skills to turn any smile into one that impresses the world.  There are many great benefits to having an awesome smile [...]

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    Oral Cancer Awareness Month in Port Lavaca

    All over the country the dental industry’s big topic this month has been oral cancer.  Oral Cancer Awareness Month is every April, and a chance for professionals like our Port Lavaca dentist to educate you on the risks and signs of oral cancer.  So, with a few days left in the month, [...]

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    Mouthguards: Sports Equipment for your Child’s Safety

    In Texas, youth take to the fields all over the state every fall for football.  Even spring leagues get the competitive juices flowing.  As parents, we love watching our little ones suit up and stumble through the plays as they learn and grow.  As fun as it is, it is also important to be [...]

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