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  • Tips for Whiter Teeth

    Your smile is your signature, a way to show others who you are and one of the first things they notice about you.  As the dentist Port Lavaca patients have trusted for their cosmetic dentistry and oral health needs, talk to us about your smile.  There are many ways to compromise your smile [...]

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    Are you a flosser?

    Chances are that if you have an elementary school-aged child in your house, flossing has been a big topic of conversation at some point.  Unfortunately, they’re most likely referring to the dance made famous by an online video game than to their oral hygiene needs. As the dentist Port Lavaca[...]

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    As the Year Ends, Did you Use your Dental Insurance?

    As the year comes to a close, we tend to look forward to what we’ll do better moving forward.  A new year is about resolving to improve and a great time to put the past behind us.  However, if you are ending the year without maximizing your dental insurance benefits, may we recommend a New [...]

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    Farmer’s Market Finds for Great Oral Health

    Visit any local farmer’s market and you’re sure to find some of the best, freshest foods for your upcoming meals.  Even better, you’re showing your support locally.  The fantastic vegetables and fruits available during these summer months are just a few wonderfully healthy options.  Our [...]

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    Overcome Children’s Dental Fears

    Seeing anything through the eyes of a child is a wonderful experience and worthy of consideration.  The first time they eat cake or try something sour.  The first time they feel the grass on their skins, or explore the contours of your face.  Your child’s first trip to our Port Lavaca dentist [...]

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